Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crew Roster

Captain: CT Smyth :

Commands the ship and is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the vessel and her crew.

Responsible for all and participates in most shipboard duties.

Watchstanding, Sail Handling

Purser / Cook: Laura Smyth

Destination Research, Weather, Education, Ships Business

Provisioning, Cooking, Ration Control

Line Handling, Alternate Watchstanding

Sailing Master: Raoul Chapman

Sail Handling, Routing, Navigation, Weather, Ropework

Line Handling, Watchstanding

Seaman: Paul Wiley (to arrive oct 29)

Sail Handling, Ropework, Deckwork

Line Handling, Watchstanding

Carpenter: Kent Poole (to board nov 14)

Construction, primarily belowdecks, of furnishings and interior joinery.

Line handling, Watchstanding

Ships Boys: Blayde, Valin, and Drake Smyth

General Assistance, Deck Duties, Work Details

Line and Sail Handling

Relief Helmsman

Public relations, Fishing

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